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Current Team Members

Name E-Mail
Room/Lab Research Focus
Chang, Di d.chang 497 N:424 Aerosol and cloud parcel modeling
Elbert, Wolfgang w.elbert 460\441 N:341 Chemical and Microscopic Analyses
Fröhlich, Janine, Dr. j.frohlich 404\403


Molecular Genetic Analyses
Germann, Isabell i.germann 404\403 N:205b Molecular Genetic Analyses
Gunthe, Sachin, S. Dr. s.gunthe 376\513


Aerosol Field Measurements
Huffman, J. Alex, Dr. a.huffman 376 N:419 Aerosol Chemsitry
Pöhlker, Christopher c.pohlker 426 N:426 Aerosol Field Measurements
Pöschl, Ulrich, Dr. u.poschl 422


Aerosol Research and Biogeochemistry
Rose, Diana, Dr. d.rose 497\513


Aerosol Field Measurements
Selzle, Kathrin k.selzle 497 N:424 Aerosol Chemistry
Shiraiwa, Manabu, Dr. m.shiraiwa 426 N:426 Aerosol Chemistry and Kinetics
Su, Hang, Dr.
h.su 426 N:426 Aerosol and cloud parcel modeling
Yang, Hong, Dr. h.yang 466 N:344 Aerosol Chemistry

Current Associates/Guests

Name Years Email Affiliation
Despres, Viviane, Dr. 2008- v.despres Johannes Gütenberg University, Mainz, Germany
Mikhailov, Eugene, Prof. Dr. 2006- Eugene.Mikhailov St. Petersburg University, St. Petersburg, Russia
Pfrang, Christian, Dr. 2008- c.pfrang University of Reading, UK

Former Team Members and Guests (since 2005)

Name Years Research Focus/Affiliation
Cimbal, Julia 2006-2007           Molecular Genetic Analyses
Despres, Viviane, Dr. 2005-2008 Molecular Genetic Analyses
Dusek, Ulrike, Dr. 2002-2007 Aerosol Field Measurements
Eto, Stephan 2006-2008 Convective Cloud Modeling
Frank, Göran, Dr. 2002-2007
Aerosol Field Measurements
Garland, Rebecca, Dr. 2006-2008 Aerosol Field Measurements and Kinetics
Jänhall, Sara, Dr. 2008-2010 Aerosol studies
Jürgen, Niklas 2005-2010
Aerosol Field Measurements
Martin, Scot, Prof. Dr. 2007-2008 Visiting Scientist, Harvard University, Cambridge, MA, USA
Pfeifer, Céline 2007 Molecular Genetic Analyses
Pickersgill, Daniel 2007-2009 Aerosol Field Measurements
Reutter, Philipp 2005-2009 Convective Cloud Modeling
Scheintaub, Jocelyin 2006-2007 Chemical and Microscopic Analyses
Schmid, Otmar, Dr.  2006-2008 Aerosol Field Measurements
Treutlein, Barbara 2006-2007 Aerosol Field Measurements
Wang, Xinming, Prof. Dr. 2006-2007 Visiting Scientist, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Guangzhou, China
Winterholler, Bärbel 2005-2007 Isotopic and Microscopic Studies
Wollny, Gregor Adam, Dr. 2008-2011 Aerosol Field Measurements
Xie, Zhouging, Prof. Dr. 2007-2008 Visiting Scientist, University of Science and Tchnology, Hefei, China
Zhang, Yingyi, Dr. 2006-2010 Aerosol chemistry

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